Big Brew for Spring 2015 was held at Kent Porter's home on Saturday May 9. Although the weather was forecast to be threatening it turned out to be a beautiful spring day.

Here is the Oktoberfest recipe that we brewed:

Amount       Fermentable      %

85.0 lb         Pilsner (DE)                          41 %
85.0 lb         Munich Light (DE)                 41 %
17.0 lb         Melanoidin (DE)                     8 %
8.5 lb          Carapils (Dextrine Malt) (US)   4 %
8.5 lb         Caramel/Crystal 120L (US)       4 %

Amount     Hop                              Time     Use    Form    AA

17.0 oz    Spalt (DE)                          60 min  Boil  Pellet   4.8%
8.5 oz      Hallertauer Mittelfrüh (DE)   20 min  Boil  Pellet   4.2%
8.5 oz      Hallertauer Mittelfrüh (DE)   5 min    Boil  Pelle  t 4.2%

Our OG was 1.056 after a 90 min boil.  Let's plan to bring a bottle or two to share at the Fall 2015 Brew Brew, it will be an opportunity to discuss the different yeasts and processes that were used and compare techniques and final brews.

There was a ton of great food that was served up: ribs, sloppy joes, exotic cheeses, smoked pork dip, along with numerous homebrews and commercial beers for taste testing. The club also held a memorial toast to a recently departed member, Mike.

It was an incredible day, and cheers to Kent for hosting another memorable big brew meeting.

Omahops will be participating in the Benson Beerfest on May 30. Tom Hawks is helping to coordinate the club's participation in this community event; we hope to serve as many as five or six different homebrews produced by club members.

  Jose has volunteered to coordinate and lead the sensory tastings event in June. This event is tentatively scheduled for June 17, 7:30PM, and will be the evaluation of a variety of malt or hop teas to better understand the flavor profiles of different malting processes and brands or different hop varities. The meeting is at Jose's home, 603 Matthies Drive, Papillion,NE

  Jason has volunteered to coordinate and lead the mini-mash, along with assistance from Chris Masek. We will be changing the date of this event to Saturday September 19. We will need to find a location for this event so if you wish to offer up ideas, please contact Jason.


The current status of the remaining Omahops Club calendar for 2015 is below.

Please look at those activities that still require a Coordinator and consider volunteering.
(The education events at Big Brew could be as simple as a round table discussion on a topic of your choice, a presentation of your research, or a demonstration.)







  Benson Beer Fest

Tom Hawk


 Sensory Special – hop teas or malt teas

Jose Guevara


 July – time out -- go take a vacation



 Trip to Baumans hop farm to get fresh wet hops – Presentation on Hop Farming

Duane Miller


  Great Nebraska Beer Fest

<need volunteer>


 September – mini mash

Jason Romano + Chris Masek


 Cider trip – cider how to.

<need volunteer>


  Big Brew – FALL

Tom Hawk


 BIG BREW Education event

<need volunteer>


  Scriptown – the transfer of homebrew techniques; important vs not important.

<need volunteer>


  Omaha Unified Coalition of Homebrewers

<need volunteer>


 December  9 –  Holiday beer exchange

<need volunteer>


 BJCP Study Group

<need volunteer>