Jose hosted our latest get-together on the 17th of June; we were very comfortable on his nice backyard patio, and it was a beautiful evening. A big thanks to Jose for putting this together. There were seven members present and a quorum of officers.  In addition to tasting some great homebrews, there were several separate and interesting discussions the club pursued:

Participation at Homebrew Events

There was total agreement that having the club participate in homebrew events was healthy for the club. The events provide the club with an opportunity to help educate attendees, share in the homebrew passion, and just get together for a good time. It also provides another avenue for maintaining the gradual growth of new members.

Jockey Box Discussion

To help with the club participation in homebrew events, there was agreement that a jockey box for serving beer would be a good asset for the club to own. Much research has been completed by club members on the different techniques of putting together an inexpensive jockey box. The methods of assembly had various pros and cons but all seemed capable at solving the problem of properly serving our great homebrews. To that end, a motion was made, and seconded, to acquire parts for the construction of a jockey box and that the total expenditure for this completed jockey box will not exceed three hundred dollars. The vote was unanimous “For” the motion. The motion stands approved. Exact details of jockey box construction are yet to be finalized.

Membership Fees

To help maintain the solid financial position of the club, it was determined that a minor increase in the annual membership fee should be considered; this will be further discussed at the fall Big Brew. As a point of comparison, the RailRoaders have a $60 membership fee. The general discussion leaned towards having a membership fee of less than half this amount. A significant part of the club's funds goes to the cost of supplies for Big Brew, and the Big Brew wort fee never covers the cost of brewing ingredients. The club wants to continue to be proactive at balancing dues and fees with expenses. We will discuss this topic further in October at the fall Big Brew.

BJCP study group

Chris has been gauging interest in and possibly scheduling a BJCP study group. More info will be coming out on this shortly.


AHA Rally – Nebraska Brewing. This Saturday June 27. More information is <here>

HOPS FARM TRIP – This will be scheduled between the later part of July to the first part of August. We're at the mercy of the weather and the development of the hop cones as we wait for them to be ready for picking. This will probably be a weekend meeting.

PILOT BREW AT INFUSION – Chris stated that the Infusion Brewery has suggested doing a collaboration brew with the club using the Infusion pilot system. Nothing finalized here, but this would be a great event.

RailRoaders COLLABORATION BREW –The RailRoaders club has proposed doing a collaboration brew with us, possibly in January or February 2016. This would probably be at Patriot Brewing, Elkhorn, using their kitchen and brewing system. Details will be forthcoming. This will probably be a weekend evening, after Patriot's normal closing hours.

CHRISTMAS BEER – If you plan on doing a Christmas Beer for exchange at the December meeting, get your beer on. In my notes I had replies from Sam, Tom, Brian and Duane on doing a Christmas Beer.  Please send a note if you are participating.

The current status of the remaining Omahops Club calendar for 2015 is below.

Please look at those activities that still require a Coordinator and consider volunteering.
(The education events at Big Brew could be as simple as a round table discussion on a topic of your choice, a presentation of your research, or a demonstration.)





 July – time out -- go take a vacation



 Trip to Baumans hop farm to get fresh wet hops – Presentation on Hop Farming

Duane Miller - date tentative


  Great Nebraska Beer Fest

<we won't be serving>


 September – mini mash

Jason Romano + Chris Masek


 Cider trip – cider how to.

<need volunteer>


  Big Brew – FALL

Tom Hawk


 BIG BREW Education event

<need volunteer>


  Scriptown – the transfer of homebrew techniques; important vs not important.

<need volunteer>


  Omaha Unified Coalition of Homebrewers

<need volunteer>


 December  9 –  Holiday beer exchange

<need volunteer>


 BJCP Study Group

<Chris + need volunteer>